16 January 2013

A Year and a Day by Patsy Collins

As much as we like to think of ourselves as free spirits, making our own way in the world, there’s a small part of us (or me!) that’s intrigued by the idea of destiny being something a little more definite.

Friends since childhood, Stella and Daphne have yet to meet their respective Mr Right.  Is that how it’s supposed to be, or have they messed up previous opportunities? Perhaps a fairground fortune teller will enlighten and guide them.

Romantic fiction with a good sprinkling of humour is often formulaic, but it can still spring the odd surprise or two. There’s a tipping point with this genre.  The reader knows that all will end well, but just how can all those loose ends be tied up into a big bow, worthy of a bigger bouquet? Thankfully Patsy Collins knows exactly how to entertain her readers.  To me, that tipping point is when I get a warm, fuzzy feeling that stretches up into a big grin.  I shan’t reveal when that happened with this book, just that it did.

This book is charming, its characters entertaining - and the ending? It doesn’t matter what fortune I’m offered, I’ll not tell!

The book is available from Amazon: A Year And A Day