29 October 2014

Room in Your Heart by Wendy Clarke

Shock! Horror! I don’t read People’s Friend… So what have I been missing? Well, if this collection is a benchmark, it’s fine fiction – very fine fiction.

Sometimes I want a story to make me feel warm and cuddly – and cuddled. Coat those cuddles in too much sugar and you won’t see me for dust.

Wendy Clarke has chosen twelve stories that are credible, warm-hearted and perfectly balanced. Introducing credibility into ‘romantic short stories’ isn’t easy. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed this collection so much. I felt warm and cuddled because they seemed so realistic, so believable.

I made the mistake of reading the first story in a car park – waiting for an appointment. Checking my watch, I had to finish it. Was there time for another? There’s always time.

Favourites? Not easy to choose. It wouldn’t be fair. Looking through the titles, they’re all favourites. Okay… One Step at a Time. Who hasn’t hoped to turn back the clock, revisit old dreams and loves? Carole may have returned reluctantly, but there’s no mistaking her need to remember. But what about For Your Eyes Only? – I can have two favourites, surely?

The author kindly offered me a free copy of this book – in return for an honest review.

The book is available from Amazon: Room in Your Heart: A collection of romantic stories