30 July 2015

Moving On From Short Story to Novel by Della Galton

There’s more to moving on from writing short stories than just writing for longer. That might sound daft but I’m sure some writers think that’s all there is to it.

Whether you’re a seasoned short story writer or have written to help improve your style before embarking on a novel, this book could help you make that leap.

Della has a lovely style, she shares her knowledge in a friendly manner, much like a friend might over a cup of tea. The book is broken down into stages and the information is reinforced with the author’s own experiences. That’s what you need with this kind of book – the comfort of knowing that the author has done it, has written short stories AND novels, and done so very successfully.

There comes a time when a writer needs to get on with it and just write. But maybe read this book first?

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Moving On: From Short Story To Novel (Secrets to Success)