22 July 2015

The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting by Teena Lyons

The subject of ghostwriting's always intrigued me and when I came across this book, by chance, I thought it would be an interesting read.

Ghostwriting is an industry in itself. Good ones earn big money - but if this book's anything to go by, they certainly earn it. Dealing with 'celebrities' must be frustrating and it seems a successful ghostwriter must have the patience of a saint.

I found the book very readable, Teena Lyons's style informs in a very entertaining way. I didn't want something that's a heavy read and this book is balanced between providing what it says on the cover* and offering insider titbits. Surely every reader will try and guess with whom the contributing ghostwriters had worked?

I agree with the other Amazon reviewers and I can appreciate why they've all awarded this book five stars. However, its content is compromised by errors. Punctuation, grammar and style issues detract and distract. 

From '140-word tweets' to book titles changing (A Child Called It morphed into A Boy Called It) – some sections carried errors on almost every page. 

Error-free I'd have given this book five stars on Amazon but as it is I would only award three. It's such a shame because the author clearly knows about ghostwriting and the high calibre of the contributors confirms how respected she is. Would I recommend this book? Yes. But perhaps keep an eye on the free excerpt and see if it's updated.

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The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting

*I've shown the cover to friends and we all struggled to read the text in the orange font.