30 July 2015

The Positively Productive Writer by Simon Whaley

There’s one thing about time on which we all agree – we never have enough of it.

Accept that fact and move on. Moving on has to be the first step in becoming positive about anything, let alone as a writer.

I do like this kind of book. If I’m honest, I was sold on being positive years ago. Life coaching, spinning negatives into positives, it’s something I swear by.

What’s different about this book, why I would recommend it, is that the author has transferred the basic ‘life coaching’ skills and applied them to writing.

Making lists is a positive way to control challenges, ticking off a list as something is achieved is a positive action. I love positive actions  – and the idea of treating myself when I’ve succeeded.

Can it be so simple? Once you train your mind to be positive, yes.

As this is a book for writers, there’s also some nuggets of information – essentials. Deciding you’re going to write a short story, article or novel is all well and good. But you still need to know how to get from blank page to commission, let alone a cheque in the bank. The clue’s in the title – The Positively Productive Writer.

This is a good book to break you out of that awful world of procrastination. 

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The Positively Productive Writer