27 August 2015

Back to the Black by Michael MacMahon

Reading Michael MacMahon's book, it occurred to me how lucky I've been. Apart from a mortgage I've never owed more than I could afford to clear. That's a great ethic, but it's reaffirmed in this book how often getting into debt is beyond a person's control. Illness, loss of a job, death of a partner - all are beyond our control.

I'm not sure if, when you're overwhelmed by financial problems, your first reaction is to read a book. But it should be. I suspect the success of this particular book will be in it being bought to share – by a friend or family member who recognises someone in need of help.

The book is immensely readable. It doesn't patronise, it offers good advice that can be acted upon immediately.

I received a copy of this book from the author – in return for an honest review.

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Back to the Black: How to become debt-free and stay that way (Telling Experience)