7 September 2015

How to Write Your Life Story by Sophie King

There seems to be no better time to consider writing a memoir, a life story. Programmes about personal histories such as Who Do You Think You Are? whet our appetite and encourage us to write and record our stories. But just how do we go about it? There needs to be structure, no matter how interesting the story. Sophie King’s book provides both a key to how that structure might be achieved and the prompts to nudge our memories into gear.

‘But nothing interesting has ever happened to me.’ – sound familiar? The theme that runs through Sophie’s book is that to a future generation it will be interesting. Something as ordinary as buying your first LP in a shop is now so unfamiliar that it must be recorded.

This is a book that you will want to refer to. Read it once, then use it as your memoir-writing bible. I enjoyed it so much that I insisted my parents bought their own copy. Now? They’re both busily remembering details for either their own memoirs or to help me with mine!

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How to Write Your Life Story in Ten Easy Steps