22 September 2015

Lena's Nest by Rosalie Warren

I think we all have our own secret fears, something that once scared us. There’s an element of my own fears in this exquisitely terrifying tale of what our futures might hold.

Two things occur to Lena: she’s either lost her mind, or she’s lost her body.

Am I the only person who ponders what would happen if they discovered life was just an imaginary excursion, perhaps energised by some scientific experiment that either succeeded or went horribly wrong?

We can never really answer those ‘what if’ questions. Sci-fi is a very wide genre and to me this book taps into the essence of being human. What elements do we need to survive? What would we live without? Given the choice, would you pull that plug?

This book gave me shivers of fear and pleasure – a potent combo that this author fully exploited. 

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Lena's Nest: Sci-fi meets psychological suspense as robot scientist Lena Curtis emerges from a coma into a frighteningly altered world