24 April 2017

Written Off by Paul Carroll

As someone who has read a number of books by indie authors, I thought this one would offer a different and amusing angle.

Anyone who has battled with the idea of finding an agent, been rejected, then considered self-publishing will recognise the challenges the wannabe authors in this book face.

However, I think it’s the partners of those wannabes that might enjoy this book more. The book offers a fictional insight into the struggles of those writers and adds a lovely touch of humour and irony.

My only niggle is that the book carries a high number of errors. It actually became very annoying - not necessarily because of the errors themselves, but because it’s an excellent book and those errors take it down a notch or two. I wanted to heap praise on the author for creating a cast of characters that I could recognise. I don’t understand why a quality writer didn’t go the distance and polish the book before paying for it to be published.

So, three stars but it could have been four.